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Green cotton face mask price in India (benefits, use, reusable)

Cotton Face mask – a word that gets innumerable popularity in 2020. Before 2020 except for medical field professionals, less than 1% of the population used face masks in their daily life. And now it is part of the new normal.

In short, if you want to stay alive, you need to wear the best quality mask. Wearing a mask can save you from dust, virus, and infected air.

But, wearing any kind of mask can protect you from infected air?

The answer is no! Your fashionable or high quantity of money cannot give the protection of any protected and best quality mask. If you want to buy the best quality mask which gives you satisfaction and safety then, surely read this article.

Which is the safe and effective face mask?

Green cotton face mask! As you see in the movies, series, and even in real life, the majority of doctors wear a green color cotton mask. As cotton is soft, it is easy to wear and comfortable to wear.

Price in India!

Every mask is made, with different materials, so their price is also different. From the rupees of 20, the price goes more than 100.

Several websites are available that have the stick of green cotton cloth masks. But, the perfect mask for you is the safe one, having 2-3 layers. Many people have been facing problems regarding masks but, probably cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to breathe so if you are facing trouble then stop wearing those plastic masks.

The benefits of wearing a green cotton cloth face mask!

There are various types of green cotton cloth mask. Every mask has a different quality.

  • Cotton fabric is soft which never irritates your face.
  • Usually, this type of face mask has Ear Loops of knit fabric which is made up of high-quality and flexible fabric.
  • Some green color cotton masks’ earloop fabric is not woven because it does not have the comfort, breathability, and moisture absorption properties as the knit fabric has.
  • No high gaps in the tide.
  • Help to defend you from dust, harmful climate, pollution, and smoke, etc who don’t allow you to breathe.
  • Double or triple layer mask gives you the best protection.
  • The cotton cloth mask is simple to wear and comes with a complete fit so that you don’t face trouble.

Usage and reusable?

  • Comfortable and washable
  • Cloth Face Mask which can be utilized for more than one moment is preferable for those who have been facing trouble in taking a breath.
  • The cotton mask is soft, comfortable, and machine-washable because it can be utilized more than one time.
  • As the fabric is 100% cotton then green cotton cloth mouth masks are big enough for you to use various times.
  • Try to keep the reusable mask.
  • Don’t apply sanitizer on the mask and wash your hands before touching the mask.


If you need it for surgical reasons, daily use, or to filter out dust, germs, pollution, green cotton cloth is the perfect solution.


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